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“Thank you for your service, it is such a gift, and I feel so much lighter and clearer.”


“I keep talking about you to everyone !! This session helped me out GREATLY.”


'Thank you Jeannette! I feel blessed, and also very happy to have you in my life!!!!!”


“Thank you Jeannette for helping me manifest and to solve this.”


“It went really good Jeannette!!!!!

They offered me all the things I manifested with you.”


“I feel this raving joy that you exist, a relief, an assurance, gratefulness.“


“Thank you Jeannette :) I started my lawn mower yesterday with some Reiki after trying to start it for twenty minutes, i didnt even have the switch it needed to be turned on, on. my partner didnt know how i did it! haha i just shrugged, Reiki! haha”


“I have had so many revelations and things happen since our session.“

“It's always unfolding layers of everything in a way that makes the existence more interesting, deeper and more satisfying. A channel to my true source, things I know, but that can be hidden in the murky waters of 3D. Feels like coming home every time.”

“Thank you for believing in and supporting women. Your healing never goes unnoticed. I am very grateful.”


“Dear Jeannette, my time spent privately with you was the zenith of my retreat week's  many experiences.”


“The next day my fingers felt stronger and they began to unfurl.”


“First of all I want to send out my gratitude for you beautiful and your guidance!”


“Amazing difference over night!”


“Thank you! You put into words and affirmed the feelings I had about it. I always appreciate your insight and experience. I will start those practices this morning.”

“It has been amazing. I have had my spirit animals coming through in dreams. My experiences have been heightened for sure!”


“Thanks again, Jeannette! I think this all comes from our session this summer! :)”


“You are always in my thoughts because of everything you have helped me with and I am grateful to have you in my life.“


“Thank you so much Jeannette! I´m feeling Great after our session.”


“You were an angel--thank you for being with me…”


“The session with you today was incredibly powerful for me.  Thank you so very much.”


“Thank you so much deeply from My heart! I felt so guided and taken Care Of/looked after. It Was AMAZING - like Angels wings surrounded My back.”


“Wow Jeanette - Magic! Thank you so much.”


“...nausea gone, headache gone. Spending time with me. Making sure everything I do is the best for the greater good of me.

Thank you!!!!”

“All IS well. The test said I'm 'free and clear'. Bless you, Dear one.”


“Can't thank you enough. So good to meet you again dear sister. Your work is amazing.”

“Thank you! You put into words and affirmed the feelings I had about it. I always appreciate your insight and experience. I will start those practices this morning.”


“I am eternally grateful for your work, and so fascinated and happy the stuff that comes up.”


“This has come at the most powerful time for me. I am so grateful for this message. Thank you.” 


“Thank You Dearly for a wonderful healing session. I also enjoyed reading and looking at the cards.”

“I am doing terrifically. For the first time in my life, I can finally embrace my feelings of being on the outs/ like I don't belong to various groups as a positive.”

“What an amazing session! I feel so amazingly blessed today.“


“I feel blessed to have you as a guiding light for me.”


“Thank you Jeanette.  I feel so much love and support around me.”


“I just wanted to say thank you one more time for our session.”


“I had great rest during the weekend and I feel very strong and confident.  I trust that all happens how and when it should and for my highest good.  I am hungry for learning and growth and appreciate every opportunity to do so.“

“I loved reflecting on and connecting with the cards that you sent me after our session.  I absolutely trust my “oneness” with the Universe and am grateful that I am able to understand that oneness on the 3D through you.”

“Just wanted to let you know that emotionally I am doing much better.

Feel like I've had a super good shift.“


“After you sent me a note saying, "I'm on it." I knew all would be well.  I was so uplifted and positive and sure all would be well. Thank you for that gift !!!”

“Deep thank You and Love for the session and guidance! I felt AMAZING and so centered.“


“Jeanette, thank you so much for today, I feel so light and wonderful!“


“Hi Jeannette, thank you for yesterday, I can not explain, but I feel amazing, positive, loving and looking forward to life.” 


“So blessed and grateful for your presence in my life. So thankful for knowing my center. I was lifted and loved deeply during our session. Lots of downloads. I've received much within the last few days. I am blessed and grateful. Thank you.”


“Good Morning Jeannette, I have absolutely felt a shift. I feel more positive, happy and empowered. Thank you for your help :)”


“Thank you! That was amazing! What a session! What a shift!”

“Good morning and thanks, Jeannette! I am in such a high and connected place, loving life, very happy.”

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