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Hi, my name is Jeannette Melo–Pelletier. I am an awakened Starseed, on Earth to assist other Starseeds in their awakening and ascension process...


I am an ordained Priestess in the the order of ‘The Melchizedek Priesthood’.  As a multi-dimensional master healer and spiritual coach, I expand the Healing Light of the Divine. I am fully clairvoyant, clairsentient and clairaudient. I work with Sacred Guardians including: Angels and Archangels, Ascended Masters, Councils of Light, Cosmic Family Light Beings.


I channel Divine Truth by connecting with GOD, the Infinite Divine Light of SOURCE energy... anchoring Earth and Star Energies to bring in miraculous healing, unconditional love, compassion and divine guidance to awaken the hearts of mankind. 


At 19 years old (1977) I was first introduced to Hatha Yoga in NYC. Later, I studied with Swami Rama, at the Himalayan Institute, NY. Swami Rama’s teachings inspired me to find my authentic self and I began my journey of bridging science with spirituality. 

My Yoga certifications include: 

Certified Kripalu 1000hr+ RYT, Yin Yoga teacher, Accu-Yoga teacher, Pregnancy Yoga teacher and Certified NYI Pranassage practitioner. 


I am a Reiki Master & Teacher (2001)

Theta Healer (2007)
Inception Point Healer (2013) 

Akashic Record Consultant (2014) 

Ordained Priestess (2017) 

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In 2012, I experienced a Kundalini awakening which resulted in an amazing expansion of consciousness. As a visionary and energy healer I am fully dedicated to the ascension of humanity by lifting the frequency of our global consciousness. 

My intention is to provide a Sacred space for you to embark on a personal and transformational journey of Body, Mind and Spirit. Ultimately, healing all aspects of the Self, thus creating the beautiful union with our Rainbow body resulting in true and everlasting freedom. 

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