Personal Coaching/Healing on Skype

$233 / 1 hour session

$44 for additional 15 mins. 

Healing all aspect of the Self... what is surfacing at the moment?

Healing the rainbow body: physical, etheric, emotional, mental, astral and spiritual bodies.

Ultimately, returning to our original blueprint design of unconditional Divine LOVE and LIGHT. 

As our Cosmic activations continue to unfold, I Am here to assist in releasing the old 3D paradigm/patterns that keeps us bound to the ‘old Earth’ timeline. 

My clients report feeling relaxed, loved, and supported by the Universe during and after their session. They experience a positive shift, greater insight, uplifting contagious energy and transformation.


The healing work continues to unfold as we create our story from a higher perspective and state of consciousness.


Divine Truth is my guide.

Monthly Membership (6 Month Minimum)

One 30 minute phone conversation per month for guidance, support or clarity, as well as phone text support for quick questions, important meeting support, holding space during surgery, divorce, birthing, marriage... or any important occasion. 

Memberships may only be purchased after initial session. 

6 Months - $80/month for one 30min session each month.  

12 Months- $70/month for one 30min session each month. 

Wedding Vows
I am an Ordained Priestess of the Melchizedek Priesthood. I was ordained by Rev. Daniel Chesbro on November 11th, 2017 (11:11:1). In the order LOVE, willing service and fulfillment.

Send long distance Reiki healing: $80.00

Reiki session in person: $134.00

Teach Reiki 1: $150.00

Teach Reiki II: $250.00

Teach Reiki III: $500.00  



Personal Hatha yoga class: $80/ 90 mins.


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