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“The mind can take us places,
but the heart brings us home”
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Every journey begins with an intention...

Whether your journey is destined to delve deep inside yourself, or out into the world as you manifest your dreams for the whole Universe to witness, your intention is your foundation. As a Starseed, you hold the power to light and enlighten, as your star flame is a beacon for love, compassion and healing. As a human being, there are times when this light may dim – energetically, spiritually or physically – and one can benefit from reconnecting to Source and receiving guidance, assistance and healing. Our many stages of life and the challenges that they present affect us on so many levels, I am here to channel guidance and healing... that is my calling and I am here for you.

With love,


Meet Jeannette

My intention is to provide a sacred space for everyone to embark on a transformational journey of the Soul. By healing all aspects of the Self, we ultimately awaken our Soul to manifest and create from a place of love, not fear.



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